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LANIFICIO T.G. DI FABIO was born on April 1995, when the owner, Mr. Fabio Tallia Galoppo, left the leading role of an important menís wear company in Biella to create a new company, more flexible and light. Due to a tight collaboration with the market and a collection which is innovative for its contents and at the same time classical for its concepts, in a few years it reached a good level of interest on the international market, producing 2.100.000 meters of menís wear fabrics.

 Thanks to its creativity matched with the collaboration with the most important worldís brands, LANIFICIO T.G. DI FABIO can assure a high updating of its product, fit for the realization of menís garments thatcan be distinguished for their style and escape from the oppressive grip of the price.

Pta.IVA / Cod.fisc. 01822770028